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Oklahoma State University


Optics and photonics is an interdisciplinary field focused on seeking a basic and applied understanding of the nature of electromagnetic radiation and its interaction with matter. The application of such knowledge in optics and photonics extends beyond these disciplines to include areas such as medical imagining, remote sensing and biomedical applications.

Basic and applied research in optics and photonics has a long and distinguished track record at Oklahoma State University.  Over the past 35 years OSU has received international attention because of the many faculty who have made decisive contributions in areas such as semiconducting lasers, optical materials, optical sensors of chemical, biological and radioactive materials, optical data storage, terahertz spectroscopy, biophotonics assays, information theory, optical communications and veterinary medicine surgery.

The primary faculty for the optics and photonics programs consists of selected members of the department of physics and the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering.  These include world renowned scientists and engineers including: five Fellows of the American Physical Society; one Fellow of the Royal Society; and one Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.Three of these faculty members hold endowed chairs at OSU.