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Oklahoma State University

X-Ray Diffraction

In addition to these larger core facilities, the HBRC also houses the Single Crystal X-Ray Diffraction Facility to assist individuals in determining the structure of small chemical compounds or larger macromolecular compounds.  X-ray crystallography aids research in various areas, including the development of new drugs.

The facility is equipped with two single crystal X-ray diffraction units.  Instruments in the X-ray facility are equipped with computers that control data collection and function to store data files and for data reduction.  The computer systems are also equipped with DVD/CD read/write drives for data archiving.

The facility has an Olympus SZX26 Stereomicroscope with polarizing lenses and camera capability, which is ideal for documentation of the crystal for publication and proposal writing.  It can also be used by anyone in the OSU community that would like to examine small components, such as circuitry or etched surfaces, and photograph the results.